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编号 : 2018047
项目名称 : Site Visit to a Revitalization/Redevelopment project with restoration of existing façade and a pre-war building (Grade 2 Historical Building) at Shanghai Street / Argyle Street
讲师 : Mr. Larry Wong (Project Manager)
日期 : 17/03/2018
时间 : 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon
进修小时 : 2.5
地点 : Nos. 600-626 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon.
主办单位 : 建筑测量组 工料测量组
截止日期 : 请参考备注
费用 : HK$150 for members (including insurance)
名额 : Priority will be given to BSD & QSD members; First-come-first served with payment (with maximum quota of 40)
语言 : Cantonese
详情 :

Itinerary :

9:15 am - Gathering at the site entrance

9:30 am - Presentation

10:15 am - Visit of revitalization of veranda/A&A works to existing building and new construction

11:30 am - Questions and answers

12:00 noon - Dismiss at the site entrance

(The above schedule may be changed to suit the actual conditions on the date of the visit. Successful registration will receive details of the visit.)

Existing 10 no. of verandah type per-war buildings, typical of streetscapes in old Hong Kong streetscape at Shanghai St. 624-626 to be conserved.

New structure construction with steel beam-column/ R.C. slab and existing elements to be retained edge beams, porting of existing brick wall, will become non-structural elements.

After revitalization will be turned into Cantonese tea houses, cafés, dim sum restaurants and traditional corner stores.

备注 :



Closing Date: 3 March 2018

  1. Online registration is NOT accepted for this CPD event.
  2. Please fill in the attached Declaration Form together with Standard Reservation Form for this CPD event.
  3. First-come-first-served with duly completed Standard Reservation Form, Declaration Form and payment.
  4. Please equip with your own SAFETY SHOES.
  5. Latecomers will NOT be picked up.