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编号 : 2016003
项目名 : Site Visit to Wo Lee Ping Che Warehouse
学会持续专业发展编号 : Formal Events
讲师 : Mr. Donald Choi
Techincal Supervisor
日期 : 30/01/2016
时间 : 9:15 am– 12:15 pm
持续进修小时 : 3
地点 : Wo Lee Training Center, Logistic Department, Wo Lee Steel Co., Ltd.
部门 : 青年组
主办单位 : YSG
截止日期 : 请参考备注
费用 : HK$250
名额 : 35; First-come-first-served with payment.
语言 : Cantonese
详情 :


9:15 a.m. : Gathering at Fanling MTR Station (In front of HSBC ATM)

9:30 a.m. : Shuttle bus to Ping Che Warehouse & Group photo

10:00 a.m. : Site Tour

  • Introduction on steel products
  • Briefing on fabrication materials using plasma cutters, drills, and other fabrication procedures
  • Introduction on JAS rainwater drainage system

11:20 a.m. : Break

11:40 a.m. : Presentation

  • Certification of steel materials, technical spec and steel applications
  • JAS rainwater drainage system
  • Past projects
  • Q&A

12:15 p.m. : Shuttle bus to MTR Station

(The scheduled time may change so as to suit the actual conditions on the date of the visit.)


Company Introduction


Decades since its establishment in 1954, Wo Lee Steel Company Limited (Wo Lee) has become a reputable supplier of a wide range of steel materials like Piles, H Columns, Channels, Hollow Sections, Angles, Squares, Rounds and Flats as well as Deformed Bars products for construction industries. Wo Lee have bulk supplies of shaped bars, plates, and galvanized sheets and coils, etc. for the manufacturing sectors.


Wo Lee has diversified to extend its services to include Product Innovation and Processing Center to keep pace with the needs of an ever more demanding market worldwide.


Wo Lee’s warehouses are located in Fanling and Tuen Mun respectively. The workshop of Ping Che warehouse in Fanling is well equipped with various kinds of processing machinery.