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编号 : 2016017
项目名 : Building Plans Processing: the Good and Evil
学会持续专业发展编号 : Formal Events
讲师 : Sr Chan Pui Fung
Senior Project Manager, Multiple Surveyors Limited

Sr Chan is a Registered Professional Surveyor (Building Surveying) and an Authorized Person (Surveyor). He has over 30 years in the building construction industry specialized in building control, managing building construction projects of various types and sizes. He is also a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers, a Registered Professional Engineer (Building), Chartered Building Surveyor, Chartered Construction Manager and BEAM Professional.
日期 : 30/08/2016
时间 : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Registration and networking time: from 6:30 pm)
持续进修小时 : 1.5
有关组别之资格预审前研习小时 : 1.5
地点 : 香港上环干诺道中111号永安中心12楼 1207室测量师研習中心
部门 : 建筑测量组 工料测量组
主办单位 : BSD QSD
截止日期 : 26/08/2016
费用 : HK$120 for members of HKIS; HK$180 for non-members (HK$30 walk-in surcharge on all prices listed); Free of charge for student members studying full time (subject to availability)
名额 : BSD and QSD Members; First-come-first-served
语言 : Cantonese supplemented by English
详情 :

In this talk, the speaker would like to share his experiences relating to the following areas:-

(a) Building control mechanism;

(b) Roles of statutory agents;

(c) Building plans submission processes;

(c) Fundamental issues to be examined;

(e) Grounds for disapproval;

(f) Resubmission and amendment to approved plans;

(g) Commencement of building works; and

(h) Completion of building works.