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编号 : 2017012
项目名 : Hong Kong 2030+ : Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030
学会持续专业发展编号 : Formal Events
讲师 : Ms Phyllis Li, Deputy Director of Planning Department
日期 : 11/01/2017
时间 : 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
持续进修小时 : 1.5
有关组别之资格预审前研习小时 : 1.5
地点 : 香港上环干诺道中111号永安中心12楼 1207室测量师研习中心
部门 : 产业测量组
截止日期 : 06/01/2017
费用 : HK$150 for member; HK$200 for non-member (HK$30 walk in surcharge for all pricings listed)
名额 : First-come-first-served
语言 : English
详情 :

The territorial development strategy in Hong Kong provides a spatial planning framework to plan and guide land and infrastructure development, and the shaping of the built environment.  Since 1970s, the Government has reviewed territorial development strategy around once every decade to embrace new needs and aspirations.  The last review entitled “Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy” (HK2030) was promulgated in 2007 and set out the broad directions for land supply and town planning up to 2030.  To cater for the sustainable development of Hong Kong, there is a need for the Government to adopt a visionary, pragmatic and action-oriented approach to tackle various planning issues critical to Hong Kong’s future, and to formulate a robust territorial development strategy in the light of the latest planning circumstances and challenges ahead.  Against this background, the Planning Department commissioned the “Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030” Study (Hong Kong 2030+) in January 2015 to provide an update of HK2030.  Preliminary findings and recommendations of Hong Kong 2030+ is under public engagement from late October 2016 to end April 2017.