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编号 : 2018077
项目名 : Visit to Joyous Living at The Tanner Hill
学会持续专业发展编号 : Formal Events
讲师 : Representative(s) of Hong Kong Housing Society
日期 : 28/07/2018
时间 : 10:00 a.m.– 12:00 noon
持续进修小时 : 2
地点 : The Tanner Hill, 8 Tanner Road, North Point, Hong Kong
部门 : 青年组
截止日期 : 请参考备注
费用 : HK$180 for members; HK$250 for non-members
名额 : Priority is given to YSG members; First-come-first-served with payment. (with maximum quota of 33)
语言 : Cantonese
详情 :


09:45 a.m. – Gather at Leasing Office, Tsat Tsz Mui Road
09:55 a.m. – Depart from gathering point
10:00 a.m. – Introduction of the project
10:45 a.m. – Touring of the clubhouses and Skilled Care Facilities
12:00 noon – Group photo & dismiss

(The scheduled time may change to suit the actual conditions on the visit date.)

About Project

Joyous Living is Hong Kong's first quality retirement living initiative specifically tailor-made for seniors, providing its residents with a relaxed ambience, continuing professional healthcare and skilled care services, thoughtful home and lifestyle services, and a wide range of social activities to enrich their retirement. This visit will lead you to learn the design and consideration of the senior’s retirement living house.