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编号 : 2018085
项目名 : Procurement of Repair and Maintenance Works
学会持续专业发展编号 : Formal Events
讲师 : Sr K C Tang
Director of K C Tang Consultants Ltd.
日期 : 15/05/2018
时间 : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
持续进修小时 : 1.5
地点 : 香港上环干诺道中111号永安中心12楼 1207室测量师研習中心
部门 : 建筑测量组 青年组
截止日期 : 请参考备注
费用 : HK$120 for members; HK$150 for non-members (HK$30 walk-in surcharge on all prices listed); Free of charge for full time degree student members (subject to availability).
名额 : BSD or YSG Members; First-come-first-served
语言 : Cantonese supplemented by English
详情 :

Sr Tang has over 41 years' professional quantity surveying experience, handled or overseen over 860 No. projects, and drafted the Standard Form of Contract for Maintenance and Renovation Works First Edition 2013.


The talk will share his experience in selecting the contractual arrangement and undertaking the tendering procedure for repair and maintenance works.


It is intended that instead of delivering his speech on matter he would like to talk about, he would rather like to answer more pertinent questions and doubts raised by the audience much like a question-and-answer forum.