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Invitation to join the “Work Experience Movement 2016/17” organised by the Business-School Partnership Programme of the Education Bureau 2016-07-25
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Event Date : 25/07/2016
Details :

The Education Bureau is going to organise the Work Experience Movement (WEM) 2016/17.  The HKIS has recently indicated our intention to join the WEM as one of the co-organisers.  You and your company are cordially invited to be a supporting organisation (to provide work experience opportunities for secondary school students) of this meaningful movement. 


The Work Experience Movement 2016/17 (WEM) aims to establish partnership with different Chambers of Commerce / professional bodies / Associations of various trades and to engage their corporate members to provide Work Experience Programme (WEP) for secondary school students. As a supporting organisation, you can arrange a WEP for students to provide an authentic learning environment for them to understand different careers, establish right working attitude, widen their exposure to the career world and prepare them to adapt to changes of the economy through realistic hands-on experience in the workplace.


WEP is an educational extracurricular activity. It is neither an apprenticeship nor an internship.  Students must apply the WEP through schools.


At present, the WEP co-organised by organisations and BSPP normally last for 2 to 5 days (not exceeding 2 weeks), subject to the decision of the organisations. There is no financial responsibility and no remuneration of any kind will be paid to the students


The roles of supporting organisation and criteria for participation are listed below:


Roles of supporting organisation:

l  To provide work experience programme (WEP) for senior secondary students from 21 November 2016 to 31 August 2017.

l  To send representative(s) to attend the briefing session(s) organised by the co-organiser/Education Bureau, if any.

l  To submit the completed ‘Reply Slip of Supporting Organisation’.

l  To establish the work plan for the WEP (For details, please refer to the “Notes for Programme Organisers” prepared by the Education Bureau).

l  To arrange a liaison person to coordinate the WEP of the organisation/company and be responsible for the subsequent liaison work.

l  To arrange mentors to attend “Briefing Session for Mentors” (Details will be confirmed later.)

l  To attend the Kick-off Ceremony of the Work Experience Movement 2016/17. (The Kick-off Ceremony is tentatively scheduled on 18 November 2016. Details are to be announced.)

l  To implement the WEP

l  To submit feedback/evaluation documents after the work experience movement


Criteria for Participation:

l   Participating organisation/company should have completed its business registration.

l   The working place of the participating organisation/company should be in commercial/industrial premises.

l   Participating organisations/companies should have purchased third-party liability insurance.

l   Participating organisations/companies should have at least 4 staff members on duty at any time.

l   At least 2 students should be allowed to participate in each time slot of the work experience.


Please refer to the Notes for Programme Organisers for details to be observed and considered before planning a WEP.


Your support to the programme is highly appreciated.  As a token of appreciation, Education Bureau will present a certificate of appreciation to all supporting organisations at the Kick-off Ceremony on 18 November 2016.


For interested parties, please complete and submit the ‘Reply Slip of Supporting Organisation to [email protected] by 25 July 2016.  For enquiry, please contact Ms Eugena Lam at 2526 3679 or via [email protected].



Brief of Work Experience Movement (English/Chinese)

Role of Supporting Organisation (English/Chinese)

Notes for Programme Organisers (English/Chinese)

Reply slip from supporting organisations (English/Chinese)

Evaluation form from supporting organisations (English/Chinese)