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HKIS Cartoon Design Competition – Result Announcement 2017-08-01
Photo :
Event Date : 01/08/2017
Details :

The response to the HKIS Cartoon Design Competition has been overwhelming and the HKIS received some impressive submissions from members who depicted surveyors from the different divisions as cartoon characters. The results have been finalised by the judge and the winners are listed as below:  


Name of winner (division)

Building Surveying Division

Yeung So Man 楊素雯 (BSD)

General Practice Division

Lee Kin Ming 李健明 (BSD)

Land Surveying Division

Lee Kin Ming 李健明 (BSD)

Planning and Development Division

Lee Kin Ming 李健明 (BSD)

Property and Facility Management Division

Kong Ling Sang 江靈生 (QSD)

Quantity Surveying Division

Lee Kin Ming 李健明 (BSD)










The winning design, subject to modification, will be used in future publicity and promotional materials of the Institute.

Remark :
  • The winner design will be used on all publicity and promotional materials of HKIS
  • All entries must be original work and previously published.
  • The HKIS will own the full copyright and intellectual property rights to the entries. as well as the right to their unlimited and unrestricted use.
  • the HKIS reserves the right to edit, adapt and modify the entries and use them in any way if finds suitable.