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Code : 2015129
Event Name : Experience Sharing to the Use and Cost Control of Cutter Soil Mixing
CPD Code : Formal Events
Speaker : Mr. Derek Yung & Mr. Alex Chan

Mr. Derek Yung, Senior Project Manager of Bachy Soletanche Group Limited (‘’BSGL’’) and has been working with the company for 22 years.

Mr. Alex Chan, Design Manager of BSGL. He joined the company in 1993 and has been working in design office of the company for more than 20 years.
Event Date : 19/11/2015
Event Time : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Registration and networking time: from 6:30 pm)
CPD Hour(s) : 1.5
Divisional PQSL Hour(s) : 1.5
Venue : Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Centro de Ciência de Macau, S. A. (Meeting Room 3&4)澳門孫逸仙馬路澳門科學館 (會議室3&4)
Division : QSD
Closing Date : 18/11/2015
Fee : HK$120 for members of HKIS & ICES;HK$150 for non-members (HK$30 walk-in surcharge on all prices listed)
Priority : Members of HKIS (QSD) & ICES ; First-come-first-served
Language : Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Details :

Soil improvement is one of the principal tasks of Civil and Geotechnical Engineering and Cutter Soil Mixing (“CSM”) is a hydro-fraise technology for deep soil mixing technique to improve the geotechnical characteristics of soil in deeper strata in a more efficient way.

In this talk, the speakers will introduce the CSM and share their experiences in the applications of the CSM in the following areas:
*   Introduction of CSM;
* The advantages and criteria in using CSM against traditional method in both technical and commercial issues;
* Cost control by using CSM in comparing with traditional method; and
* Problems encountered in using CSM in Hong Kong and Macau.
Remark :

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