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Code : 2018130
Event Name : Urban Microclimate Design in Hong Kong
CPD Code : Formal Events
Speaker : Dr. Benny CHOW, Director of the Hong Kong Green Building Council
Event Date : 25/05/2018
Event Time : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
CPD Hour(s) : 1.5
Venue : Surveyors Learning Centre, Room 1207, 12/F, Wing On Centre, 111 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Division : HKIS
Organizer : HKIS Working Group on Green Building
Closing Date : 21/05/2018
Fee : HK$120 for members; HK$150 for non-members (HK$30 walk-in surcharge on all prices listed)
Priority : First-come-first-served
Language : English
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Dr. Benny CHOW, Director of the Hong Kong Green Building Council

Dr. Benny CHOW
Director cum the Chairman of Industry Standards and Practices Committee
Hong Kong Green Building Council

Dr. Benny Chow is the Director of Sustainability at Aedas, focusing on the green buildings and sustainable development, an award winning sustainable design expert with worldwide project experience. Dr. Chow is now appointed as the appointed as the Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Industry Standards and Practices Committee (ISPC), and GB Faculty of the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), co-opt members of the Committee on Environment and the Committee on BIM in Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the chairman of the Sustainability Committee of the ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter. Dr. Chow brings with him more than 22 years of experience in Sustainable Design and involved in more than 400 projects located in more than 40 cities.

Dr. Chow is specializing in Green-BIM, building physics computer modeling and analysis, urban microclimate study, façade solar heat gain calculations, global daylight illumination simulation, performance-based building energy use and efficiency modeling, and air ventilation assessment using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and the design of healthcare facility to the prevention of airborne infectious disease.

Prof. Chow was appointed as an Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Hong Kong (HKU), Adjunct Associate Professor in the Institute of Space and Earth Information Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and is currently the Adjunct Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at CUHK.


周家明博士(Dr. Benny CHOW) 是Aedas國際建築設計事務所的董事,主管綠色建築和可持續生態發展,是一位屢獲殊榮的國際綠色建築設計專家,也是香港綠色建築議會(HKGBC)的董事及業界標準及作業委員會主席,香港建造業議會環境專責委員會和建築信息模擬專責委員會委員和美國供暖製冷及空調工程師學會香港區 (ASHRAE-HKC)可持續委員會主席。周博士擁有22年以上綠色建築設計和科研的經驗,項目經驗遍布世界各地40多年城市,參與超過400個項目。



Urban Microclimate Design in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2030+ emphasizes the importance of taking into consideration urban climate in adapting to climate change. In Hong Kong’s subtropical environment, comfort, health and wellbeing of people both outside and inside buildings are primary considerations in building and infrastructural design. The intense urban heat island (UHI) effect caused by our high-density development in the last forty years or so also leads to rising temperature in built-up areas and often uncomfortable urban living. Working outside buildings, heat stress has become a health and safety problem. The issue of health and comfort is increasingly a concern in the face of challenges brought about by climate change.

The HKGBC has just released a Guidebook on Urban Microclimate Study which provides easy-to-understand microclimatic knowledge and good design practice for building and green practitioners and the general public. The guidebook illustrates the science and principles of urban microclimate. Strategies to optimize microclimate conditions are stipulated and illustrated by both local and overseas case studies and good practices. Recommendations for further studies and policy adjustments are made. The Guidebook also provides strategies for practitioners to balance and enhance indoor air and lighting quality and outdoor microclimate for their projects and the wider public.