編號 : 2017098
項目名稱 : New 3D Surveying by UAS, Photogrammetry and LIDAR Scanning
講員 : Sr Thomas Lee ,MHKIS & RPS(LS) HKIS

Sr Lee is specialized in GIS consultancy, remote sensing, digital photogrammetry and vegetation survey. He is the Managing Director of Star Vision Ltd, and the Assessor and Chairman of Board of Assessor of RICS (HK). He was former honorary lecturer in University of Hong Kong for Master Degree course in Applied GIS. He was former Visiting Lecturer teaching the Master Degree course of Design and Implementation of GIS/LIS in the Department of Land Surveying & Geo-Informatics, and Master Course for GPS in Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Visiting Lecturer teaching digital photogrammetry in postgraduate degree course in Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Sr Lee as international GIS and Remote Sensing Consultant has working experiences in Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, France, UK, Scotland and Malaysia since 1988.
日期 : 12/07/2017
時間 : 7:00 - 8:30 pm
進修時間 : 1.5
地點 : Lecture Hall N003, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom
主辦單位 : 土地測量組
截止日期 : 28/06/2017
費用 : HK$120 for members; HK$150 for non-members (HK$30 walk-in surcharge on all prices listed)
名額 : LSD members; First-come-first-served
語言 : Cantonese supplemented by English
詳情 :

To breakthrough 3D survey at inaccessible area where position and height information is required, there are UAS photogrammetry and LIDAR technology newly developed internationally to survey 3D information in open area and even vegetated area.


Photogrammetry is a professional measurement technology from land surveying or Geomatics to survey 3D information using stereo-pair photographs.  New Multiple View Stereo (MVS) photogrammetry borrowed the ideas from Robotic Vision is able to produce true scale 3D terrain model and 3D building model with colour image texture/facade without survey quality camera but pro-consumer calibrated camera and multispectral senor as like satellite image technology at good quality.  Traditional LIDAR terrestrial scanning limits to ground operation, while the new UAS airborne LIDAR is able to scan in air to cover much larger area and even penetrate into vegetated area by sharp laser beam.



Sr Lee will share his successful experience in an Innovation and Technology Commission funding project on 3D Mapping and Documentation System Development. He will also share his  past project experience applying the new 3D Survey technology, including crack, seepage and debonding detection on slope,  underground culvert mapping,  basic mapping with 1:1000 scale and construction/engineering level survey with 1:50 scale.