編號 : 2017161
項目名稱 : Green Procurement and Paint Knowledge Sharing
講師 : Representative from Nippon Paint (HK) Co. Ltd. – Ms. Denise Chan

Ms. Denise Chan is the Project Development Assistant Manager of Nippon Paint (H.K.) Company Limited.
The company is providing sustainable solutions of painting and coating system for the construction industry. Over the years, Ms. Chan is being the speakers of paint technologies for over 20+ seminars on coating sections. She is enthusiastically to share her knowledges in paint and coating with multiple construction organizations, e.g. ASD, CIOB, Disney, Shangri-La etc.
日期 : 15/09/2017
時間 : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
進修時間 : 1.5
地點 : 香港上環干諾道中111號永安中心12樓 1207室測量師研習中心
主辦單位 : 規劃及發展組 青年組
截止日期 : 08/09/2017
費用 : HK$120 for member; HK$150 for non-member (HK$30 walk in surcharge for all pricings listed)
名額 : Priority to YSG Member, First-come-first-served.
語言 : Cantonese supplemented by English
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Paint Knowledge

  • Basic paint component
  • How does resin’s affect paint’s performance?
  • Choosing the correct paint to minimize wastage


Defect Case Study

  • Common Causes of Paint Defect (Efflorescence, Color Fading, Blistering, Peeling, Algae & Fungus Growth…)
  • Solutions


Trend and Regulation

  • VOC standard and regulation (DIN55649 Blue Angel Standard vs USEPA Method 24)
  • Green Trend


Paint Technology for diverse substrate

  • How does latest technology reduce maintenance cost? 
  • Alternatives replacing heavy mining stone materials to reduce environmental damage
  • Why is paint linking with Green Procurement?
  • Latest Technology on Anti-Viral