編號 : 2018177
項目名稱 : Short Course: Planning Practice, Law and Ethics in Hong Kong
講師 : The Department of Urban Planning and Design (DUPAD), the University of Hong Kong (HKU)
日期 : 05/09/2018
時間 : 7pm – 9pm, every Wednesday for 12 weeks starting from 5 September 2018
進修時間 : 24
地點 : Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong
主辦單位 : 規劃及發展組
截止日期 : 請參考備註
費用 : HK$ 10,800 for HKIS Corporate Members only
名額 : Priority is given to HKIS Corporate members and YSG members who intend to join the PDD; Maximum quota for 2018: 10
語言 : English
詳情 :

The PDD of HKIS will collaborate with the Department of Urban Planning and Design (DUPAD) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and offer the course of "Planning practise, Law and Ethics in Hong Kong" to the HKIS members. This course is a Core Course of the degree of Master of Science (Urban Planning) run by the DUPAD. This course is also recognized by HKIP as one of the papers of their qualifying examination. This course is open to the HKIS Corporate Members who have proven Development experience but do not have Planning Practise and Experience in Hong Kong.


Tentative Programme:

Starting on 5 September 2018

7pm - 9pm in every Wednesday for 12 weeks

(Exact dates of classes to be confirmed)

CPD Hour(s):2 hours per class, 24 hours for 12 classes (whole course)

Divisional PQSL Hour(s):2 hours per class, 24 hours for 12 classes (whole course) 


Syllabus of the course:

This short course provides a detailed understanding of professional planning practice in Hong Kong. It deals with the practical dimensions of planning in both the public and private sectors. The course reviews the history, policies, strategies, administrative and legal procedures of planning. It also examines issues surrounding the ethical basis of professional planning activity.


60%-70% continuous coursework assessment and 30%-40% examination



Examination will be held in December 2018, results to be released in January 2019. Notification letter of results will be sent to student directly and copied to HKIS for the issuance of attendance certificate with satisfaction.



Successful applicants shall apply a library card for students' access to the Library of HKU.

備註 :

Closing Date: 24 August 2018

Online registration is NOT accepted for this CPD event. 

To register, please fill in the attached Standard Reservation Form and return together with payment to the HKIS Secretariat.


For any further enquiries, please contact HKIS Education Department – Ms Judy Shiu at 2526-3679.