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Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 26 03/2018
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 25
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 24 10/2015
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 23 03/2015
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 22 Issue 1 (December 2012) 12/2012
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 21 Issue 2 (December 2011) - Special issue to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong, 8 December to 25 December 1941 12/2011
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 21 Issue 1 (March 2011) 03/2011
Volume 20 Issue No. 1 December 2009 12/2009
Cecilia Wong - Measuring Spatial Planning Outcomes: the Case of Sustainable Development 12/2009
Samual R. Staley - The Role of Technology, Wealth and Entrepreneurship in Sustainability Development 12/2009
Lawrence W.C. Lai, Connie W.Y. Hung and Felicity W.N. Ng - A Coasian Approach to Planning and Sustainable Development by Communicative Planning 12/2009
Frank T. Lorne and Jerry Bordian - Charrette as Coasian Sustainable Development Negotiation: A Case Study of Britannia Beach 12/2009
Jo C.W. Siu - Planning by Regulations and Private Property Rights: Recent Court Cases on Two Town Planning Board's Decisions 12/2009
Lawrence W.C. Lai - Technical Notes on the Model of Yu et al (2000)
Submission Guidelines and Content 09/2009
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 19 Issue 1 (December 2008) 12/2008
Volume 19 Issue No.1 December 2008 12/2008
SC Leung, TPF Sham and CHW Tang - The Reality Versus the Legality of the Demarcation District Sheets 12/2008
P Li - Transfer of Development Rights Approach: Striking the Balance between Economic Development and Historic Preservation in Hong Kong
HL Yip and EWM Lee - An Alternative Approach to the Short Term Prediction of Residential Property Prices in Hong Kong 12/2008
APC Chan, PTI Lam, DWM Chan and E Cheung - Risk-Sharing Mechanism for PPP Projects – the Case Study of the Sydney Cross City Tunnel 12/2008
HY Lee, Hackman and D Scott - Development of a Conceptual Framework for the Study of Building Maintenance Operation Processes in the Context of Facility Management 12/2008
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 18 Issue 2 (December 2007) 12/2007
Volume 18 Issue No.2 December 12/2007
Ying Wang and Mei-yung Leung and Yong Zhou - An Empirical Study Investigating the Effects of Attributes on the Condominiums Price in Xi'an by Structural Equation Modeling 12/2007
Matthias Haase and Felix Wong and Alex Amato - Double - Skin Facades for Hong Kong 12/2007
Yong-tao Tan and Li-Yin Shen and Michael C H Yam and Ann A C Lo - Contractor Key Competitiveness Indicators (KCIs): a Hong Kong Study 12/2007
Ekambaram Palaneeswaran and Muthukaruppan Ramanathan and Chi-ming Tam - Rework in Projects: Learning from Errors 12/2007
Vivian WY Tam and Khoa N Le - Assessing Environmental Performance in the Construction Industry 12/2007
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 18 Issue 1 (July 2007) 07/2007
Volume 18 Issue No.1 June 2007 07/2007
Canis WM Cheng and Anita MM Liu - The Relationship of Organizational Culture and the Implementation of Total Quality Management in Construction Firms 07/2007
Mei-yung Leung and Janet Sham and Yee-shan Chan - Adjusting Stressors - Job-Demand Stress in Preventing Rustout/Burnout in Estimators 07/2007
O Ata O and DA Adesanya - The Effects of Applied Stress on the Modulus of Elasticity and Modulus of Deformability of Laterized Concrete 07/2007
Olatunji Oluwole Alfred - Conflict of Interest within Construction Practitioners: Quantity Surveying, Case Study 07/2007
Andrew N Baldwin and Simon A Austin and Chi-sun Poon and Li-yin Shen and Irene Wong - Reducing Waste in High-Rise Residential Buildings by Information Modelling at the Design Stage 07/2007
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 17 Issue 2 (December 2006) 12/2006
Volume 17 Issue No.2 December 2006 12/2006
Holly HY Wan, Daniel CW Ho and Y Yau - Effects of Management Bodies on the Building Management Quality of Private Residential Buildings in Hong Kong 12/2006
Anita M M Liu, Richard Fellows and W M Chiu - Work Empowerment as an Antecedent to Organisational Commitment in the Hong Kong Quantity Surveying Profession 63 12/2006
Ahmed B Senouci and Khaled K Naji - A Computerized System for Scheduling and Cost Optimization of Nonserial Linear Projects 49 12/2006
FWH Wong , PTI Lam , APC Chan and EHW Chan - A Review of Buildability Performance in Hong Kong and Strategies for Improvement 37 12/2006
Yusuf Arayici, Andy Hamilton and Pedro Gamito - Modelling 3D Scanned Data to Visualise and Analyse the Built Environment for Regeneration 7 12/2006
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 17 Issue 1 (June 2006) 06/2006
Volume 17 Issue No.1 June 2006 06/2006
Trevor Lo, Peter Shek-pui Wong and Sai-on Cheung - Using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Approach to Measure Performance of Partnering Projects 06/2006
Eric Wai-ming Lee - Preliminary Study on the Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Building Drainage System Design 06/2006
Lai-san Kwok and Eileen Mary Hastings - Hong Kong Real Estate Agency Industry: Survey on Important Marketing Factors and Branding Attributes in light of Service Intangibility 06/2006
Kun-hou Fung and Steve Rowlinson - The Adoption of Advanced Technologies in the Hong Kong Construction Industry 06/2006
Ka-hung Ng, Chi-ming Tam and Vivian Wing-yan Tam - Deformation and Sorptivity of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Produced by Two Stage Mixing Approach 06/2006
JG Chen, KW Tang and R Fellows - Construction Project Tendering in China : An Exploration of Theory and Practice relating to Article 33 of China's Tendering Law 06/2006
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 16 Issue 2 (December 2005) 12/2005
Volume 16 Issue No.2 December 2005 12/2005
Omar AI-Bayari, Bassam Saleh and Maurizio Barbarella - Quality Assessment Of Kinematic Airborne Laser Survey 12/2005
BC Lam and AMM Liu - Bureauracy and Red Tape in Public and Private Construction Project Organizations 12/2005
WP Wong, AMM Liu and RF Fellows - Use of Electrical Energy in University Buildings: A Case Study in Hong Kong 12/2005
Surveying & Built Environment Vol. 16 Issue 1 (June 2006) 06/2005
Volume 16 Issue No.1 June 2005 06/2005
SB Zhang, MM Liao - National Enterprise Architectural Culture 06/2005
DCW Ho, KW Chau, Y Yau, AKC Cheung and SK Wong -Comparative Study of Building Performance Assessment Schemes in Hong Kong 06/2005
MY Leung - Predicting Normative Commitment in Construction Value Management 06/2005
BS Tang, YH Chiang, AN Baldwin and CW Yeung - Integration of Property and Railway Development: An Institutional Economics Analysis 06/2005