編號 : 2018074
項目名 : The Successful Factors for Shopping Malls in Hong Kong
學會持續專業發展編號 : Formal Events
講師 : Prof Eddie Chi Man HUI, MH
Prof. Hui is an all-round professional with diverse experience in research and consultancy projects. Before joining PolyU, he was responsible for research and development for a major professional surveying firm in Hong Kong. At Hong Kong University, he obtained his BSc (first class honours) with prizes/awards. At the University of Cambridge, UK, he finished his MPhil in Land Economy (first class) with a Commonwealth Scholarship. With another Commonwealth Scholarship, he completed his Ph.D. at the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, UK, where he is a fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

The Chief Executive has awarded Prof. Hui in this year’s (2015) Honours list. He is presented the Medal of Honour (MH) for his dedicated public service, particularly his contributions to the Town Planning Board and the surveying sector.
日期 : 20/06/2018
時間 : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
持續進修小時 : 1.5
有關組別之資格預審前研習小時 : 1.5
地點 : 香港上環干諾道中111號永安中心12樓 1207室測量師研習中心
部門 : 物業設施管理組
截止日期 : 請參考備註
費用 : HK$ 120 for members; HK$ 180 for non-members (HK$30 walk-in surcharge on all prices listed)
名額 : HKIS members; First-come-first-served
語言 : Cantonese
詳情 :

The retail property sector is an important sector in Hong Kong. It is universally accepted that managing a shopping mall is no easy task.  Nor would one disagree that many factors are at work and they play an important role in the success of a retail facility. However, a core question remains: how to manage a shopping mall successfully?

This CPD event is to report on a PFMD research Project that investigates the factors that affect the success of managing a shopping mall in Hong Kong, having regard to today’s market trend and situation. The CPD will share those findings that provide important implications and suggestions. This CPD will provide an understanding of the success factors (including recent technology innovations as said) at work now and comprehend the possible changes they should prepare themselves for in future.  It is therefore relevant not only to the property and facility professionals, but also the professional community at large.  

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