編號 : 2018210
項目名 : Visit to the MiC Display Centre and Sharing on Project Experience
學會持續專業發展編號 : Formal Events
講師 : Representatives of Construction Industry Council
日期 : 15/12/2018
時間 : 9:30am to 11:30am
持續進修小時 : 2
有關組別之資格預審前研習小時 : 2
地點 : MiC Display Centre, Construction Industry Council – Zero Carbon Building, 8 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
部門 : 工料測量組
截止日期 : 請參考備註
費用 : HK$150 for members (including insurance)
名額 : QSD Members; First-come-first-served
語言 : Cantonese supplemented by English
詳情 :

Itinerary :

Construction Industry Council has established a 2-storey MiC Display Centre (the “Centre”), the first building adopted Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in Hong Kong, located at the CIC - Zero Carbon Building, to address the Government’s initiative in wide adoption of MiC in Hong Kong. It consists of 10 MiC modular units to showcase six types of show flats, including an exhibition area, a Hotel unit, a Hostel unit, an Elderly Home unit, a 3-bedroom Residential Flat and a 1-bedroom Residential Flat. Each show flat is designed according to the actual living environment of Hong Kong. The design of the Centre showcases a high-quality, durable, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly environment.

A guided visit will be provided to introduce the background information of MiC, various designs and technologies adopted in the Centre and, highlights on overseas projects and upcoming pilot projects in Hong Kong adopting MiC followed by a brief sharing session on the project experience of the construction of the Centre.

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Closing Date: 8 December 2018

  1. Online registration is NOT accepted for this CPD event.
  2. Please fill in the attached Declaration Form together with Standard Reservation Form for this CPD event.
  3. First-come-first-served with duly completed Standard Reservation Form, Declaration Form and payment.
  4. Latecomers will NOT be picked up.